I’m so happy to have you here in my own little sphere of the creative nonfiction writing world. I’m Caitlyn, an academic, who fell in love with words a long time ago while falling asleep with a book and a flashlight under the covers. I’m 22 (yes, i am feelin’ 22) and going on seventy. I’m an old soul who connects over coffee cups filled too full and craft brews, when the day calls for it. I’ve had the honor of a life deeply felt, which you know, doesn’t always feel so much like an honor. During my hardest seasons and years it was the raw and honest words of my own favorite authors, which carried me more than anything else. These beautiful writers sat with me in my pain, healing, and the happy bits too.

My promise is to sit with you – to sit with you in the hardest places where you can’t seem to find another who will. To capture the fullness and depth behind a heart that has broken and one coming back alive. After all, reading words that are my heart put on paper is one of my favorite things in the world. And that is exactly what I hope to do here – reflect back to you what is already within your heart.

Take a peek around and read a few pieces with your morning coffee, or curled up before bed. If my words reach out and hold your heart for even just a moment, please go ahead and share my words with others. And if you want more? Well friend, if you would like to subscribe, I can send my words straight to your inbox and you’ll never miss another post. Oh and did I mention that I love mail? Even email. So please reach out to me at someonetoldmetousemywords@gmail.com or twitter! Whether it’s only a line, or your heart spilling out to my inbox I promise I’ll read your words.





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