When Lonely Rings

It snuck in and curled around her toes before it stole to her heart.  “How dare you,” she thought tiredly, slinking lower into herself.  She wanted to angrily shout words like little knifes, but the thought barely crossed through her mind, and he had already folded himself in and around the worn creases of her.

She glanced at the old frosted over window when the bitter cold air wafted across her face.    Maybe she should just welcome him – throw out a doormat and leave the door cracked because he always seemed to find his way in anyways.  The reasons he came were far and ranging, but the shadow he cast touched all the corners of the room.

Months had passed since his last visit, she had thought that maybe, just maybe he wasn’t coming back.  She had taken solace in that thought.  I guess whatever remnants of heartbreak remained had dialed his number.  He kept that phone close.

Turning to see his face, she startled at the broken iciness of his eyes.  She pulled away and wondered how the door had opened.  Did she ever close it?  Or maybe it just hadn’t locked.  It stuck sometimes you know.  Next time she vowed to lock it tightly and drag a chair over to shove under the knob.  Then again there were always those old windows to worry about. She sighed and dug a little deeper into her blankets to escape the chill of the air, but even tucked away in the warmth of her favorite down comforter she could hear his whispered words.   She wished she couldn’t hear them anymore.  As if on cue, he stretched his nimble fingers slowly, knowing he’d be there by her side all night and turned his pale lips to her ear to say those words. Words that made an already heavy heart drop a little deeper.  How could a love so dead and gone still call him to her side on a night like this?  Her heart practically creaked and groaned from the sheer weariness of it all.  The groans and sighs all spoke the words she couldn’t muster.

The mini nervous system pumping away was the only journal of the depths to which she had traveled with him by her side.  But her heart also knew that he didn’t seem to fit within the confines of her bed anymore.  She restlessly tossed and turned in the bed that no longer could bear the weight of them both.  Confusion fleetingly flashed across his normally morose features. It was quite unexpected to be sent away.  But she realized what had called him to slip through her door was really just the sign of her heart becoming stronger in its own way.  Perhaps, somewhere under the city lights a kindred heart was also sending him away.  A final farewell.  Goodbye. Our love has passed.  Your heart is whole.




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